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For many years I have created landscapes, but this year in 2021 I have passionately painted my first “earthscape,” as I have been researching the climate change crisis and our planet’s interconnected environments. My aim is to create a dynamic conversation, add to people’s understanding, and raise awareness regarding the impact of global warming. This acrylic painting uses symbols and colours to represent greenhouse gas emissions, melting glaciers, flooding, hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes, the burning of fossil fuels, drought and wildfires, open pit mining, deforestation, coal and other causes and effects of climate change. These human based activities have impacted our forests, soils, wetlands, ice, oceans and lakes, where carbon is stored. Each one of us needs to work together to “Liberate Earth” and demand climate action in order to save our planet. We must

dramatically reduce our carbon emissions around the world. I hope that this painting has the power to reach you, and that

you continue the conversation.

Liberate Earth

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Here are some of the symbols that represent the causes and effects of climate change.  Every symbol is meaningful, and has a series of research notes, links, articles, videos, or stories on file, related to it and the area where it is found.

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Early stages of the painting

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