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Giclee on Canvas

Limited Edition 1/10

24 inches x 30 inches - Framed

Day’s End

  • The centre of interest and the area with the most contrast, and brightest colours is the focal point in this painting, based on the story whereby Rob Stelkia, a true cowboy of Wolf Creek Ranch, McKinney Road, Oliver, was struggling to separate these two adorable miniature donkeys. Rob was attempting to move the mother donkey to a different enclosure, so that the baby donkey, Pedro, would get used to being on his own, as it was time for him to be weaned. There was quite a commotion, and lots of loud braying on the part of both donkeys, but in the end he was successful. The soft indistinct shapes of the background minimize the emphasis on the landscape. The people of the South Okanagan were sorry to lose Rob Stelkia, a member of the Osoyoos Indian Band earlier this year.

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