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Original Work
Acrylic on Canvas 
30 inches x 40 inches


Also available in Giclee Print on Canvas

Ikeda Japanese Garden

  • Ikeda Japanese Garden, is a painting that was inspired by my appreciation of the beauty of the Japanese garden sanctuary in Penticton, with it’s atmospheric quality of tranquility. This protected landscape celebrates nature through abstract and artistic symbolism. The garden is an artist’s dream, as it highlights the principles of contour and contrast, and the elements of water, plants and rocks with simple clean lines. This perspective looking north, allows the viewer to experience the magnificent view of the mountains and the lake. The warm colours of the sunset are reflected in the surroundings. My artwork is often a celebration of nature. I am a signature artist with  Artists for Conservation. I work out of my studio in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. Many of my art works are based on the theme of supporting habitat conservation and environmental education through art.

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