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Giclee on Canvas

Limited Edition 1/10

36 inches x 60 inches - Framed

Original Work
Acrylic on Canvas - Framed
36 inches x 60 inches 

Skaha Pine

  • My original painting, Skaha Pine, Acrylic on Canvas, was created to highlight the impressive Ponderosa Pine, which has been cherished since ancient times, the product of the warm dry Okanagan climate. As an artist I had fun using bold colours, especially during painting the mature Ponderosa pine with its beautiful yellow to orange, to red bark, in puzzle-shaped pieces. This landscape painting captures the beauty of the hot summer sun warming the pine and the shoreline, late in the day, at Skaha Park, located in Penticton. The exciting advantages of working with transparent glazes of acrylic paints with an underpainting, is that with the layering of glazes the light is dramatized, and it brings the painting to life. The finishing touches of the light on the bright green needles adds a subtle, atmospheric effect that provides a romanticized nature, rather than romantic realism.

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