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Giclee on Canvas

Limited Edition 1/10

24 inches x 48 inches - Framed


Original Work
Acrylic on Canvas - Framed
24 inches x 48 inches


Spotted Lake, A Sanctuary

  • The beautiful surrounding landscape of sage and grasses allowed me to participate fully with all of my senses in painting Spotted Lake during the middle of the summer. This Lake is a twenty-two acre body of water situated west of Osoyoos in the sunny Okanagan. The mineral properties of this lake were used extensively for healing purposes, and today it is a lake of many spots, ever changing in colour and temperature. Spotted Lake was the gathering place of First Nations people from all over the lands now called British Columbia, Alberta, Washington and Idaho, as well as Oregon. Spotted Lake has been a part of a long and spiritual journey. 1 Osoyoos Times, Thursday, May 7, 1970, page 4

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