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Giclee on Canvas

Limited Edition 1/10

36 inches x 60 inches - Framed


Original Work
Acrylic on Canvas - Framed
36 inches x 60 inches


Wolf Creek Mare and Colt

  • This rich mosaic of habitats is part of a beautiful rolling grassland area just off McKinney Road, east of Oliver toward Mount Baldy. The antelope brush, grasses, sage brush, and protective shrub give respite from the sun, and provide feeding opportunities for a thriving, diverse community of wild horses. A few scattered trees provide shade for the mares, and their colts. This stunningly proud, protective mare, with her playful colt were a source of inspiration for this original painting. My paintings celebrate the uniqueness of the Okanagan Similkameen, and indicate an awareness that parts of the valley have not changed over thousands of years. Staying close to nature, and being outdoors has shaped my art. I am best kown for my acrylic on canvas paintings, and my art work is influenced by my interest in First Nation history and culture.

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